Some precious information about our products that will allow you to use them in the most proper way.

Reed diffusers

The reeds allow the diffusion of the fragrance while absorbing it.
We recommend to keep the fragrance away from sources of heat, children and animals, not to pour it directly on surfaces and wash your hands when touching the sticks.
We advise to position reed diffusers on a ceramic or glass base in order to avoid possible damages to the furniture.

The catalytic lamp

It is necessary to follow all the instructions how to use to guarantee the correct functioning of the catalytic process. It is fundamental you select the appropriate fragrance for catalytic diffusers, whose composition is different from the fragrances for reed diffusers.

Car air fresheners

The car air fresheners should be positioned on the air vents of your vehicle. The air passes through the car diffuser allowing the diffusion of the fragrance.
The car air fresheners are attached by a functional universal clip which can easily be positioned on the air vents of any car, both vertically or horizontally. Moreover, it is possible to remove the rubber refills, while keeping the design cover. This way your car diffuser will last longer and you will discover the world of Millefiori fragrances dedicated to your car.